“The next great heresy is going to be simply an attack on morality, and especially on sexual morality. And the madness of tomorrow will come not from Moscow but from Manhattan.”

GK Chesterton,the Apostle of Common Sense and convert to Catholicism

“The next grea…

Mince No Words

Call abortion what it is-murder-and you will definitely get liberals up in a huff.How dare you?

Murder implies that someone be held accountable and brought to justice. Immediately liberals will say we plan to go after the victim.Yes,that’s right i said victim.BOTH the woman and her baby are the victim.The baby because the unborn is the weakest,most vulnerable and absolutely defenseless,innocent victim of the crime.While the woman bears some responsibility she is also the victim.

They are both murdered at the same time. The woman’s conscience is killed and the baby is physically killed. She’s not being told to think of it as murder. She’s being told to think of it as a choice.Ok,it’s a choice. It’s a choice to permit an abortionist-now referred to as ‘doctor’-to murder the unborn child.

Remember what Mother Therese said re abortion:


Any country that can accept abortion and then promote it world wide is a doomed country.It is not a country that is going to solve problems,help people or  govern well. It will simply jump on the bandwagon of every irrelevant issue and claim compassion.

Yet,look at what Kermit Gosnell got away with.Nobody looked,nobody cared,nobody bothered. It’s out of sight and out of mind. As long as we call it choice and don’t see what is going on then it hardly matters.

Call the Gosnell case an extreme case. Abortion is EXTREME. You can’t sink any lower.

Obama’s response? Address Planned Parenthood and pledge your support. At the end he had the audacity to say God bless Planned Parenthood. I doubt God is about to do any such thing.Sorry. When you kill a being He intended to be created in the first place i highly doubt He is going to give an act of cold blooded murder His blessing.

Peter Kreeft wrote a very interesting piece called  ‘Satan’s Spectacularly Successful Seven Step Strategy’. I would posit you don’t even have to be religious to see what he’s saying is true.

it goes like this:

Step 1: The summum bonum, the ultimate end, is to capture souls.
Step 2: A powerful means to this end is the corruption of society… After all, a good society is simply one that makes it easy to be good… a bad society makes it easy to be bad. Has there ever been a time when we’ve made it easier for humans to be bad?
Step 3: The most powerful means to destroy society is to destroy its one absolutely fundamental building block, the family, the only institution where most of them learn life’s most disgusting lesson, unselfish love.
Step 4: The family is destroyed by destroying its foundation, stable marriage.
Step 5: Marriage is destroyed by loosening its glue, sexual fidelity.
Step 6: Fidelity is destroyed by the Sexual Revolution.
Step 7: The Sexual Revolution is propagated mainly by the media, which are now massively in our hands.
Satan continues:
The simple tactic of getting to their hearts through their hormones has proved incredibly successful. Their moralists now tremble in terror at old truisms like “natural law” and terms like “objective,” “universal,” and “absolute” not because they really believe there is no real morality any more anywhere, only no real sexual morality. They don’t defend rape, pillage, insider trading, nuclear war, bank robbery, racism, or even smoking. But they do defend fornication, masturbation, contraception, adultery, sodomy, divorce, bisexuality. “Anything goes” is their new morality, but only if it has anything to do with sex. It’s hilarious to observe. They don’t defend murder, unless it’s in the name of sex. That is abortion, of course. If abortion had nothing to do with sex, it would never have been legalized. Abortion is backup birth control, and birth control is the demand to have sex without babies…

Note the last part especially. “They don’t defend rape, pillage, insider trading, nuclear war, bank robbery, racism, or even smoking. But they do defend fornication, masturbation, contraception, adultery, sodomy, divorce, bisexuality. “Anything goes” is their new morality, but only if it has anything to do with sex. It’s hilarious to observe. They don’t defend murder, unless it’s in the name of sex. That is abortion, of course. If abortion had nothing to do with sex, it would never have been legalized.”

Since liberalism isn’t willing to defend real values what does it go for? 

Banning sodas. Banning guns. Banning the killing of animals. It goes for programs like Common Core when the  youth are no longer able to perform academically.The solution.Throw money at the schools and indoctrinate the students through a government program.

I highly doubt it is going to make a difference. You can throw all the money in the world at our schools and unless you have discipline,respect and an atmosphere for actually learning it is NOT going to happen. If it’s more about indoctrination and rewriting history it’s going to be less about the goal of education.The ultimate goal of education is to seek truth.More on that another day.

The other bandwagon is climate change-previously known as global warming. The hue and cry is that we’re going to destroy the planet. Far be it from liberals to realize abortion is the direct extinction of human beings and the cornerstone of civilization,the family. Now i’m not saying we don’t have climate change but i want to see the science,not the politics.The  advocates are flying around in jets burning tons of fuel and living in mansions that contribute to the problem they’re crying about. it doesn’t make the case for what they espouse. It does make them rich from the hype. I guarantee that pointing all this out will never stop a liberal from telling you that climate change is the great destroyer.

Liberals will never see a problem that a good speech,tons of money and a massive bureaucracy won’t solve.

We elected a celebrity President after all.It’s why he’s off rubbing elbows with the rich and famous even when we’re in the middle of a tragedy. Don’t forget;the rich and famous of the celebrity world. People who share in common the faux compassion of liberalism. It’s why YOU  can be out of work and struggling to make ends meet and he can have beyonce and other celebs over to the people’s house for a party and not think twice.It’s why he can go to the golf course or pick basketball scores in the middle of a crisis and the media think he’s cool.When the rubber meets the road and the crisis comes down on our heads it’s why he can blame Bush and brush it off like it’s nothing at all.

He’s a celebrity President and we wouldn’t expect anything less than for him to be self absorbed. It’s not about the country. It’s about him and if he’s not looking good then the country’s not looking good.The rest of us are just intolerant uncaring people and we’re probably racist homophobes. Excuse me if i don’t think every sexual perversion is acceptable and am guided by a conscience.

The unemployment numbers came out(not looking good either) and he(Obama)is tweeting about how he’s behind the LGBT community.

heroes of death

What a sweetie isn’t she? Heroine of liberalism.

Take For Example

Gun control. We’ve had several horrible incidents over a span of several  years now.The minute one of these incidents happen a cry goes out for gun control; meaning if we take away the 2nd amendment right to bear arms we will no longer face these tragedies.

I grew up in a house that had guns.Nobody shot anyone.I lived part of my adult life with my husband beside a gun shop. People were in and out all day long carrying their firearms to be repaired or sighted. I felt we lived in the safest place on the planet.Nobody was ever shot there either.Guns galore. It’s not the guns people. Yet, it’s another liberal bandwagon.

There are plenty of sound reasons these killings take place;but taking away the 2nd amendment right-an ACTUAL right-is not going to stop violence. It will simply make the law abiding unarmed and unable to protect themselves from criminals. It will not stop people from getting weapons and committing atrocities. They will either still get a gun or find another way. 

Yet,the same liberals think nothing of abortion on demand.It’s connected with sex-of course they support it.It can’t be murder if it’s connected with being able to do whatever we want with whoever we want as long as it’s ‘fun’.Abortion has done what the founder of Planned Parenthood,Margaret Sanger,could only have hoped to do in her own  lifetime.


the silliness will destroy our country

if you’re a liberal you will find some bandwagon to jump on. Whether that’s climate change(previously known as global warming)or the ‘right’ of people with various sexual perversions to marry.As long as it’s nothing based in reality you can consider yourself compassionate if you’re on that particular bandwagon.You can be a small group of atheists and demand the majority of people cave to you because you’re screaming louder than anyone how your rights are being violated. 

Find a cause,go for it and call everyone else uncaring that doesn’t see it your way. Now something real like the economy shrinking,people struggling to find jobs or giving up on the struggle,dependence for energy  on states that sponsor  terrorism? No big deal. Most of us know that marriage is between one man and one woman for life but it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t toss the firm foundation of marriage out the window.Somehow the federal judge in Pennsylvania found a right in the Constitution for people with this perversion to get married.He claimed the ban was ‘unconstitutional’. 

The liberals were so concerned with our education system they decided to go with indoctrination,throw money at the failed system and let the kids be ‘free that teachers could no longer teach. They wondered why there was violence in the classrooms. Why teachers were molesting students. Why the rate of drop outs was so high.It just couldn’t be liberalism failing the schools. Our schools of higher education are perfect for indoctrination. Stack the deck with liberal professors. People who will  jump on these imaginary bandwagons. 

It’s like the media now. Their job is to cover up for messiah obama.

None of these people are going to take any responsibility for the collapse of the United States.They will never admit our standing in the world is in the tank or the economy isn’t the glowing economy Obama promised.How he was going to undo the mess Bush created.

Again,nothing based in reality. Obama was going to walk on water and part the seas.He would wave his magic wand and his plans for our country would cure everything under the sun. IF only we would listen to him because he is smarter than we are.Every problem  has a program and will cure every problem we have. What if it doesn’t? Not to worry.The media will make it look good.Perception  is everything. If we can show the people how good everything is they will believe everything is going along swimmingly. Unfortunately you can only keep the dog and pony show going for so long before people notice a lot of people are out of work,cities are going bankrupt, terrorism is on the rise and the paycheck isn’t covering the rising costs of goods.The liberal solution? Jump on the bandwagon of raising the minimum wage. It may be a good idea-won’t debate it either way-but it’s not going to solve the problem. It’s the bandwagon of fake compassion again.Anyone who opposes any of these liberal ideas is just cold and uncaring. They have the corner on compassion and they decide what is compassionate and what isn’t.



if liberalism weren’t so dangerous to our country we could talk about the silliness of it all day long.

There’s nothing like false compassion where every month the liberals jump on a new bandwagon.It never has anything to do with the concrete world,that is REALITY.

Consider how many fund raisers Obama attended while something tragic was going on.

 Our economy is tanking,people are out of work,prices are skyrocketing where you have to decide between paying a bill and buying groceries, Obamacare is failing and what is he(Obama)worried about? He addresses the LGBT community.

We’re going to look into the silliness for a few days. I hope people will see liberalism for what it is.