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My dad used to say,”If you can’t say something nice about someone,don’t say anything at all.”

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Till the day he died Dad hoped that he and a special person in  his life would reconcile. It didn’t happen.I know it broke his heart.

It wasn’t long after dad’s death the special person also passed away.They may be together now and perhaps understand. Dad never said an unkind word about the person. As hurt as he was he could have been angry and lashed out. He didn’t. I went to see the person as they were very ill and dying. I told the person, in the hopes he would hear, that he was very loved. Dad would have wanted me to tell him and it was as good as from the both of us.

Fortunately dad died peacefully in his sleep. I know that God made sure of that. 

I went to visit my new friend Mary today. She’s about the same age as my mother was when she passed away. I felt well when i went over but started to get dizzy.I explained to Mary that i have menneire’s and assured it was not contagious(her eyes did get a tad alert there). She watched to make sure i got home ok and went in. She is ill herself and it’s good to keep the visits somewhat short. I did promise her that i would call and see about going over one day later this week.It will depend on the weather. I told her i would sit down and help her with computer. I told her before but haven’t gotten the chance. Will keep my word to her.

I need to work on the statue of the Blessed Virgin tonight so it is ready to go to her at the end of the month.

She lives about the same distance from  here(about the same angle too)as mom did when we lived by her street.They have the white gas lamp in their yard too;j ust like mom’s. She even has the hanging flower baskets on her small deck. 🙂 Mom  had those also. We used to water them every day.

Mary is Catholic and keeps her rosary in her pocket. She prays it every morning too.I can remember my mom (and dad)praying their rosary. 

She is such a kind,gentle soul.Reminds me a lot of my mother. She asks about my family. I am never shy when it comes to  talking about mom and dad. In fact when i fertilized her flowers today did it with dad’s watering can. She got a kick out of that. She said that I’m like her-we are very sentimental about simple things. A watering can. It means a lot to me. It’s dad’s secret recipe that is the fertilizer. I am anxious to see  her flowers take off as much as ours here.

She asks about our kids.I told her that my husband and i each have a son. I will have her meet my husband’s son when he visits(if he has time). I don’t say much else. No need to. I don’t  have any ill feelings. I will not carry that with me.Dad didn’t. It was his cross and he carried it well.If he could do it,so can i. People are people. We do not walk in their shoes. I’m not angry with my son.I’m not hurt either. As i’ve gotten older learned to live with things are they are and go on. Am not responsible for other people’s choices. Only my own. Yes,I’ve made plenty of mistakes and it’s only convinced me to be more patient with other people. Certainly aware of how far one can fall. 


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Dad was incredible. So much to admire. Perfect? No. Didn’t have to be.He was a work in progress.I remember him as being such a giving and humble man.Good enough.




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