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A Few Words

Just a few before i take off.If i don’t am going to fall asleep over the keyboard. I know i went crazy with the videos today but i picked out what i figured were the best to give a glimpse into Catholicism. Down the road I will post some videos about the Eastern Catholic Church or rites. There’s 22..the largest being Latin followed by the Eastern rite called Byzantine.

Good stuff.

In a few weeks we’ll be cleaning like we’re getting company. It’s because we are getting company.My husband’s son is coming up for his yearly visit. It will be the 2nd time he’s seen the house since he was here when we were house hunting. He liked the one we picked too.

Here we are. We haven’t done the closing  yet and it has been a stressful time for my husband.Ok,I’ll be honest. I’m a little stressed too.The seller gave us the chance to rent before buying. It’s a long story but the short story is the home is perfect for us and our 2 dogs. 

Enjoy the videos. Let me know what you think of them. Feel free to leave comments.

I’ll be back tomorrow.

If there’s anything you think would improve the blog let me know. The concept here is be concise-hence the title post scripts-  & that may mean more visual and less words. 



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