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Pope Francis in Holy Land, 2

i just finished reading an article at WND re Pope Francis visit to the Holy Land. Conclusion: anti Catholicism rears its ugly head. I know it when i see it. I’ve read complaints about the visit but quite frankly sides that contradict.. i have a wait and see attitude. It depends on the fruits of the visit and what God has in mind. Bottom line:IGNORE the media. Even conservative media; which can be incredibly anti Catholic. I’m cautious about that.

I’ve enjoyed watching live coverage of the Papal visit on EWTN and was especially taken by the rapport between Patriarch Bartholomew and Pope Francis. They are both very kind and simple men.The people writing the anti Catholic articles didn’t catch the focus of his trip -hope for unity between the Catholic and Orthodox Church. IMHO the rest was important but the meeting between the Pope and the Patriarch was the highlight.



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