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Pope Francis in Holy Land

My good friend from Fla called tonight to get the skinny on something Pope Francis said in the Holy Land. Yes, Pope Francis did refer to the state of Palestine and called Abbas a man of peace. I was wrong on both counts but Pope Francis also said “both sides needed to make sacrifices” to create two states.  I’ll to  locate a video this week or check out the Vatican website for docs.The main focus of his papal visit was the hope for unity between Orthodox and Catholic who have been in schism for centuries-the other goal was to REDUCE tensions between  Israel and the Palestinian’s. 

i don’t know that there will  be an ease of does put a spotlight on the area and some weight on both parties to try. Unity with the Orthodox may take time but i think at this point it will be almost a necessity given the persecution of Christians.  I think that was more the focal point of his visit. 

As for peace with Muslims.I hold out no hope there but Pope Francis,like his predecessors, is a man of peace. i wouldn’t expect otherwise from him.I personally don’t believe it’s possible.




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