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the silliness will destroy our country

if you’re a liberal you will find some bandwagon to jump on. Whether that’s climate change(previously known as global warming)or the ‘right’ of people with various sexual perversions to marry.As long as it’s nothing based in reality you can consider yourself compassionate if you’re on that particular bandwagon.You can be a small group of atheists and demand the majority of people cave to you because you’re screaming louder than anyone how your rights are being violated. 

Find a cause,go for it and call everyone else uncaring that doesn’t see it your way. Now something real like the economy shrinking,people struggling to find jobs or giving up on the struggle,dependence for energy  on states that sponsor  terrorism? No big deal. Most of us know that marriage is between one man and one woman for life but it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t toss the firm foundation of marriage out the window.Somehow the federal judge in Pennsylvania found a right in the Constitution for people with this perversion to get married.He claimed the ban was ‘unconstitutional’. 

The liberals were so concerned with our education system they decided to go with indoctrination,throw money at the failed system and let the kids be ‘free that teachers could no longer teach. They wondered why there was violence in the classrooms. Why teachers were molesting students. Why the rate of drop outs was so high.It just couldn’t be liberalism failing the schools. Our schools of higher education are perfect for indoctrination. Stack the deck with liberal professors. People who will  jump on these imaginary bandwagons. 

It’s like the media now. Their job is to cover up for messiah obama.

None of these people are going to take any responsibility for the collapse of the United States.They will never admit our standing in the world is in the tank or the economy isn’t the glowing economy Obama promised.How he was going to undo the mess Bush created.

Again,nothing based in reality. Obama was going to walk on water and part the seas.He would wave his magic wand and his plans for our country would cure everything under the sun. IF only we would listen to him because he is smarter than we are.Every problem  has a program and will cure every problem we have. What if it doesn’t? Not to worry.The media will make it look good.Perception  is everything. If we can show the people how good everything is they will believe everything is going along swimmingly. Unfortunately you can only keep the dog and pony show going for so long before people notice a lot of people are out of work,cities are going bankrupt, terrorism is on the rise and the paycheck isn’t covering the rising costs of goods.The liberal solution? Jump on the bandwagon of raising the minimum wage. It may be a good idea-won’t debate it either way-but it’s not going to solve the problem. It’s the bandwagon of fake compassion again.Anyone who opposes any of these liberal ideas is just cold and uncaring. They have the corner on compassion and they decide what is compassionate and what isn’t.



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