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Think About This For A Few

meant for discussion. I don’t argue with friends,k?

Let’s take a scripture verse. One that’s  difficult for people. For that matter one that you think would be easy.

Take several people-maybe a pastor included-of various denominations and determine what it means. Anotherwords,interpret.[ It’s been going on for hundreds of years. ]So you disagree.So someone disagrees with the pastor. A few people agree on what it means. Ok.Who’s interpretation is correct? I’m not asking for the one that agrees with yours-just which is correct? What if you’re the one person who disagrees?Let’s say you’re correct but 2 people disagree with you INCLUDING the pastor. What about them? They can either come around to agree with your interpretation or they’re left to swim out in the water with no life jacket. 

Even scripture tells us that if a dispute can’t be settled to take it to the church.Ok.which one?

With 1k of denominations to choose from where do you go to settle it?This is why Jesus gave Peter the keys, made him the rock.gave them  the power to bind and loose as well as forgive sins. The apostles spoke with authority and could point out heresies. Consider how far off the beaten path Mormons(LDS)and Jehovah Witnesses have gone. 

The solution it seems would be to take it down to the lowest common denominator.The one doctrine everyone could agree upon. You can get to an even lower common denominator from there. For example, Secular Humanism; where some denominations are willing to accept gay ‘marriage’,abortion,divorce,contraception etc.Jesus did not intend to let us flounder. 




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